Life Coach

Personal Coaching: Growth and Development

Without professional input, reaching our fullest potential is less certain and we may consequently perceive situations with less clarity or delay decisions that impacts overall success. Personal coaching allows us to discover our potential and works on enhancing it in a process that transforms our desires into concrete goals and actions. In all, developing one’s well-being and self-realization guide us onto a path to personal achievement.

Training starts from within

I work with people who have a desire to develop their skills and "work" in the best possible way; people who are searching for a greater sense of order in their lives.
My life itself has been one of continuous evolution, thanks to a journey of personal growth which has accompanied me over the years. When I came across coaching, I experienced first-hand its power and the speed with which I was able to address key objectives in my personal life. I found order and reached new levels of synergy, continuing to make significant strides and developing further.

Clarity in changes

Personal coaching is very useful in everyday life. As a personal coach, I am increasingly recognizing how effective it can be with families and in critical moments of life such as during studies, in relationships, and in periods of significant change. I have found it useful, in these moments of transition, to shine a light on what is important, enlightening clients, and strengthening them by defining precise, robust objectives and effective strategies.

Goals of Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is especially helpful if you want to:

  • understand your potential and develop your skills and aptitude
  • identify the important goals regarding your life
  • construct a robust plan to define and realize your goals
  • work on your self-esteem, building self-efficacy and a greater sense of fulfillment
  • manage and overcome periods of intense stress

Life Coach: Personal Goals

As a life coach (personal coach) I support coachees to reach their personal goals. Unlike a business coach, focussing on professional standpoints, a life coach has a broader approach, looking at more varied perspectives and aspects of life that clients are looking to develop. The areas people want most to see progress on are; health, finances, relationships, and social circumstances… But we also have more areas where we can develop, and a personal coach can assist in this journey. As a coach, I use a variety of tools and methodologies to help my clients discover their true potential.

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