Claudio Guffanti


Claudio Guffanti
My Career

Graduating in Engineering Management at Politecnico, I had the fortune of developing a clear vision of my direction early into my studies: marketing and branding for multinational consumer products.

On this journey, I started working with the Nivea brand as an “employee entrepreneur”. A brand manager quickly understands that instinct will lead them to be a forward-thinker for their brand, managing politics, relationships, design, communication… and above all, “buy-in“, that is, if the brand is not owned by you and therefore you do not have the final word on key decisions, it is vital to identify how to onboard stakeholders to your proposals and ideas. If not, instead of an entrepreneur of the brand, you may simply remain an executor of other people’s ideas.

What Motivates Me

Over time, after my experience in the cosmetics industry, I took on roles of increasing responsibility, taking an opportunity to learn about the pet food market and gain a deep understanding of growth opportunities and challenges within the sector. But, all awhile, a passion grew inside of me towards the world of human resources; managing a team, helping it grow and mature and allowing it to progress onwards when it’s ready for new challenges … it’s all part of a drive towards development and growth that I believe for myself and others.

My Next Step

I know and innately understand coaching. With such a passion for the discipline, I see the power and speed with which it’s driving me towards my new life. It’s time for my next step. Fortune has provided me with an understanding of the power of diversity through experiences in my own life. For years I have been studying how companies make the most of a person’s individuality, exploring how the US market competitively leverages its inclusion within organizations. Now I am poised to assist companies to tackle the challenges head-on and invest in their future and the growth of their people, to recognize an individual’s talents and cultivate their inclusion and sense of belonging.

Unlimited Views is Born

Unlimited Views leverages the diversity of many points of view and talent. On the one hand, the challenge of inclusion brings with it a concentrated effort on equality in the short term, while also benefiting from the rapid growth of the individuals involved, motivated to learn the skills necessary to obtain the “buy-in” of stakeholders. If short-term objectives of inclusion provide these advantages, diversity is how a company wins in the medium-long term, enhancing its ability to successfully enter new markets and operate in new countries. Diversity at this level encourages innovation and the development of disruptive technologies (which today are the first barrier to the growth, and/or the survival, of many companies) and increases the company’s attraction to new talent while also retaining its industry-leading employees.