Startup Coach

Coaching for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

The world of startups is complex. Accelerated growth presents new challenges in managing a team that becomes progressively more dynamic to meet the demands of such a fast-paced organization. To grow your startup, you must first develop yourself and coaching can help tackle such a journey of discovery and the rapid growth that your startup may face.
An essential factor in your business’ success is in mitigating the challenges and complexities that could cripple growth. As a founder or director, the startup is a personal investment. Therefore, as a leader, it is critical that the whole team believes in and supports your project.

Unlimited Views is my Startup

For many years I was an entrepreneur of the brands for which I worked until I decided to start my personal business, experiencing the transition from an employee to self-employed. My experience as coachee has undoubtedly been important in speeding up and performing my transition, bringing me adding value in being a coach.
I also believe it is important to understand the difference between building a product and building a company. You can be an excellent engineer, with a focus on the product, manage a small team in the outlining phase of the MVP, but making your business scalable is something else. What I can do as a coach is to help you look at situations differently, from other points of view. Through insightful questions, I can help you identify and implement the necessary changes in your behavior and skills.

You are the most
important asset

Whether you are an entrepreneur, planning your startup, a project, or company, with your knowledge, skills, professional network, and mindset – you are the most important asset. Often you have several ideas, but do you put them into action? What are their priorities? How do you structure your time better to get results? 1-to-1 coaching sessions can really benefit you better by giving you the time and space to singe out your priorities.

As a coach, I can help you strengthen your skills:

  • to question your values, motivations, aspirations, and define your vision
  • to create awareness of your involvement and your level of risk to free up actions
  • to expand your perspectives and understand what is holding you back
  • to consider the possibility of failure and the emotion it may evoke in you
  • to help you optimize your entrepreneurial process, efficiency, and the coordination of your work

The value of Coaching
for your Startup

A coaching path for your startup may provide tangible results on several fronts:


often business owners are so tied to their business that they are "imprisoned" in a particular way of thinking; a coach is a facilitator who, in a safe but challenging environment, raises questions, listens, and delivers feedback in order to encourage and support its founders


the focus of coaching is on everyday business and is a 1-to-1 approach, between me, as the coach, and the founder. For this reason, coaching is extremely flexible and able to adapt to the specific needs of each situation


coaching helps to find a balance between the freedom of the founder and a sense of responsibility, helping them to monitor progress, identify problems, and support team members in improving their direction


when a person has the opportunity to pursue their goals, the result is a high level of empowerment, even in the business of a small startup. As a coach, I help the business owner make decisions by giving honest feedback in each discussion


learning what coaching can offer gives you the chance to go further and be a good mentor to your team. Imagine it like a baton in a relay ... you learn to be a good leader and then pass it on to someone else

Grow Yourself and Your Startup

Optimizing your own performance directly impacts the performance, and success, of your startup.
When you are at your best, you can maximize every aspect of your life and your work, as everyday counts. When investors bet on you to grow your startup and make it a success, the only way to be sure that your business can perform at its best is if you are at yours.
My role on your journey is to help you uncover your potential by identifying it and taking responsibility for pursuing it. Unlimited Views is about changing perspectives. I look at a situation from the outside in: you’re growing your startup, but you’re also growing yourself. You’re working frantically to secure capital, build a team, refine your offering, increase your profits … But alongside all this, you are yourself growing, as a leader. Consequently, to develop a company further, you must develop you; it’s here having a coach to guide you makes everything much easier.

Are you a leader
in a company?


Do you want to reach
personal goals and milestones?